Thursday, March 21, 2013

Brazil versus Italy 21 March 2013 Prediction

Today's match will end 1-0 for Brazil after a stunning long-range goal from Neymar.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Re-post January 15, 2010 Erin Guthrie Q-and-A

Big East Goalkeeper of the Year, Erin Guthrie, a captain at Rutgers this past fall, answered several questions via email prior to the 2010 WPS Draft.

Q. How much did Karina LeBlanc mean to your development?

I owe so much to Karina for my overall development at Rutgers during these past 4 years. I am a completely different keeper now than I was as a freshman. All around Karina developed my technical abilities, confidence and tactics and honestly without her training and motivation pushing me everyday I would not have accomplished what I did at Rutgers as well as help Rutgers soccer accomplish all we did as well.

Q. Are you satisfied with how the team finished this season?

I am very proud of how the team performed under all the adversity we faced with injuries this year. Being that it was my last collegiate game I did not want it to end and obviously wanted us to go further even though we put up a great fight. I believe our team accomplished a lot and I do think we had the potential to go even further.

Q. And from an individual standpoint, are you happy with your performance?

For the most part I'm never totally satisfied with how I do. Whenever we lose or give up a goal I feel as though there were things I could have done to prevent it. In general I feel pretty happy with how I performed in my college career.

Q. Are you looking forward to the WPS Draft?

I am looking forward to the draft and hopefully I will have good news come January 15th.

Q. What have you done between the end of your collegiate career and the WPS Draft to prepare for a potential professional career?

Since the season ended I have worked to stay fit as well as continued to strength train. I have also trained with Paul Blodgett once a week to keep my technical game sharp in hopes of having a career in the WPS.

Q. Do you have a favorite save from the season?

I would have to say my favorite save from the season was in the West Virginia game. There was a cross that went to a player on West Virgina who was on the 6 yard line and she redirected it in the opposite direction so I dove back and grabbed it on the goal line. It was my favorite save because we had been working on situations with crosses just like that in practice for awhile.

Q. And a favorite clean sheet?

A favorite clean sheet from this year would be the South Florida game. We tied 0-0 in South Florida. We had just come from the freezing rain in Marquette a day earlier. We were dead tired in the heat as a team so to give up no goals in circumstances like that spoke measures of the Rutgers team.

Q. Can you give us a preview of how the Rutgers women's team will do in 2010?

2010 is going to be a great year for Rutgers Women's Soccer. The talent that the team will have is going to be some of the best and I am predicting a memorable season for them. Returning Gina DeMaio is huge for the team who had to red shirt this year for a knee injury is huge for Rutgers.

Photo Credit (Both Photos): Tom Ciszek, Rutgers Athletics

Please note: This interview originally published at Player Interviews, a distant cousin of the Football Friendlies blog.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Barcelona Summer Tour 2013 stops in China, Thailand and Malaysia

Earlier this year, Barcelona's preseason itinerary included a potential stop in Bangladesh and a far-off friendly -- far, far off -- with Real Madrid in Saudi Arabia, in 2016.

Now thankfully, comes official word via a report at The Star Online with notes that this summer Barcelona will visit Malaysia on 10 August after stops in Shanghai, China (4 August) and Bangkok, Thailand (7 August).

Barcelona president Sandro Rosell recently stated at a press conference per the report that these three destinations would be part of the summer tour; Bangladesh was not listed. This is Barça's fifth tour of Asia in the last 10 years.

For more information please visit FC Barcelona's official website with news on the Asian tour here and here. And for all the details regarding the club's 2013 preseason schedule check here at the official website.